Project Management

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Benaadir Research, Consultancy & Evaluation Center (BRCE)

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54 Cashir

12 Saacadood

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Course-kaan Project management waxaa ku barran kartaa Hab Maamulka Mashaariicda Ganacsi iyo Hey-adeed, Xirfadaha Hogaamiye, Hanaanka Maamulka Mashaariicda-Casriga, 10-ka Knowledge Area Ee Maamulka Mashaariicda; Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Resourse, Communication, Risk, Procurement iyo Stakeholders Managements. Sidoo kale waxaa kaga Bogan dontaa Project  management Approaches; Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Lean, XP and Other Iteration approaches.

Target Audience

  • Enterprises Managers.
  • NGOs Managers.
  • Team Leaders.
  • Executives.
  • University Rectors
  • Under/postgraduate Students

Material Includes

  • 9 Quizes
  • All Require Recourse
  • 2 Assessments

What I will learn?

  • Effective Customer Communication.
  • Calculated Project Planning
  • Better Scheduling.
  • Risk Management
  • Document Sharing and Access.
  • Improved Resource Management.
  • Easy Collaboration.
  • Improved Process Standardization.

Course Curriculum

Modern Project Management

  • Introduction to Project management
  • Distinguish a project from routine operations
  • The Major Characteristics Of Project
  • The Role Of Project Manager
  • Understand the importance of projects in implementing organization strategy

Estimating Project Times and Costs

Organization Strategy and Project Selection

Problem Analysis Tree

Project Time Management

Managing Project Risk

All About PMBOK

The 49 Processes of Project Management

Agile Approach

About the instructors

Duran Haji Yasin
Duran Haji Yasin
(MBA, MPP, (M&E), BBA & Certif's).
Abdinor Abukar Ahmed (mr Walanwal)
Abdinor Abukar Ahmed (mr Walanwal)
Computer & Informatics, M&E, MBA & PMP.

Offered by

BRCE waa xarun ka shaqaysa horu marinta iyo barashada arimaha la xariira xirfadaha Casriga ah oo ku salaysan Technology-ga.

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